Getting lost (downtown edition), a raccoonaccount

Wash and I got lost today, somewhere downtown, between 4th and 6th ave. Mostly we just wandered in circles around those few blocks looking for the number 14 bus stop back home. All we could find was the number 14 stop where we’d gotten off earlier that day when we’d arrived downtown. Turned out that that was actually also the bus stop we were looking for to get back home because the bus goes in circles. Another lesson learned about riding the bus in Portland, took us only about 1 1/2 hours to arrive at that conclusion.

That was the second time we got lost on that trip. The first time was when we got off the bus (in the front. ha!) and headed towards PSU. Only that we had no idea what direction PSU was in and with no internet to check, we just started wandering in a random direction. Fortunately, Wash’s animal instincts pointed us immediately in the right direction. Unfortunately, my human impatience made us turn around shortly before PSU would have come into view and head down the completely wrong way on 6th ave all the way to its end, which is far. Knowing my human shortcomings, I had planed in an extra hour for exactly such an event and managed, after asking for directions, to find my way to the rec center of PSU.

Wash's and my first stop at PSU, the PSU rec center (aka the gym)
Wash’s and my first stop at PSU, the PSU rec center (aka the gym)

But getting lost isn’t all bad. There are a lot of things you only notice when your senses are sharpened by panic and survival instinct (I was starting to get hungry). It’s also a great way of getting some needed exercise after sitting on your bed, skyping for three days straight, (not) getting over the jet lag. So Wash and I had a thorough look at the neighborhood surrounding PSU campus. Here’s what we learned:

  • 6th ave is LONG
  • There’s a veggie grill on 6th that I wanna try out (EDIT: I did try it out and it was awesome!)
  • people WILL stare if you pass by them five times within ten minutes
  • people WILL stare if you take random pictures of yourself with a stuffed raccoon after asking them for directions just seconds earlier
  • there are 20 Starbucks on 6th ave
  • sometimes buses go in circles.

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