Riding the bus in Portland (destination PSU), a raccoonaccount

Wash and I rode the bus again today, for the second time in this first week in Portland. (I’m not counting back and forth, but one time for each trip.) This time we went straight to downtown Portland to have look around Portland State University. We live in Southeast Portland which is about a thirty to forty minute bus ride away from downtown Portland where PSU campus is located. Thanks to a really friendly clerk at the bank, who happens to also be studying at PSU, I found out that the number 14 bus goes almost directly downtown without the need to change the bus mid way. The walk from the bus stop to campus is a fairly short one, too, if you go in the right direction, that is, which we didn’t. (But more on the advantages of going the wrong way in my entry “Getting lost in Portland (downtown edition)”)

Riding the bus has turned into something comfortingly weird for me today. Last time I was very nervous about getting off at the wrong stop, missing my connecting max, not finding the bus stop back home (which actually happened to me today, but more on that in my other entry) and in general not getting how everything works. My first time getting off the bus on Wednesday on my way to Ikea, I was standing in front of the back doors, waiting for them to open as I am used to from German buses, but nothing happened. I pushed the stop-button a couple of times until the guy behind me sighed loudly and pushed open the door for me. Lesson learned: Portland bus doors don’t always open automatically. And überhaupt, getting off the bus in the back is not what Portland people do, apparently. Despite of the encouraging ‘go with the flow’ stickers on the ceiling of the buses pointing towards the back door.

So the weird thing of the bus ride today was actually the lady driving the number 14 bus. We have one or two bus drivers in Trier who like to talk to the passengers over the speakers (thinking of Mr. Santa right now :)), wishing them a great day or a happy holiday, but none of them have ever actually sung to their passengers (as far as I know, please tell me if you know more than I do). But that is what the nice lady driving the number 14 bus did today, she sung her little Friday song to us, which went something like, “Today is Friday, so we’re gonna sing our Friday song” and that was it. It was very brief, but it made people laugh which I think is an amazing thing by itself. While she was talking to us, I was working on one of my blog entries of the day.

After her little song was finished, she shared a little something a friend of hers had once told her. She said: “Let me tell you what a friend of mine once told me, ‘You are alive. Create. You need to create.’ So my wish for you is to go wherever this bus is taking you and to create something! Create and spread the stuff!” So here’s some stuff.


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